You can have the career and life you really want.


Are you lacking the support you need?

I know you're an amazing and hardworking professional.

I also know how stressful and hard work can be. Fear, feeling out of control, and demands that keep piling up. This leads to anxiety and you end up struggling rather than enjoying life.

Fortunately, this isn't necessary. Having a career you love and enjoying the process is possible. Sounds crazy, huh?

This is what studies have proved: You do better (in work and life) when you feel better. I can help you with that.

Build a career and life that makes you proud

I'll support you in becoming a centered, effective leader. That listens and makes better decisions. That motivates others, creates trust and reaches goals. 

It's not necessary to feel burnt-out  to have a successful career. In fact, studies show that when you're calmer and more centered, your productivity is at it's peak. I'll support you on your path to feeling this way. 

You can have the career and personal life that's exactly what you want. That makes you happy. I'll help you dig deep so we can discover what that looks like.

I'll help you become a better leader

Work better and also enjoy yourself more

Live the work and life you want

Being coached by Andrea has been a wonderful way to look at deep, meaningful issues and also learn how to manage day-to-day situations.


You can have a fulfilling career and a balanced, happy life.

I'll help you let go of what you don't control. Trust more in yourself and others, and know yourself better. So you won't only have a career you love, but also the life you want,