Hi, I'm Andrea. A bilingual executive coach, and mentor to other coaches.


Although people usually see you as strong and on top of things, the reality can be pretty different.

Work that keeps piling up. Never ending pressure, deadlines and exhaustion. And as if you didn't have enough on your plate already, you need to juggle office politics too. 


What if I told you, you can shift gears for a little while. To look inside, understand and manage what you're feeling on a whole new level, and decide where you want to go with clarity.

You'll see how your anxiety and overwhelm fade. And the difference that can make in your work and life.

Sometimes, life can feel a little like a tsunami.

My years living in the US and in Chile have taught me to understand the nuances of cultural differences. That helps me navigate contexts in international companies and with international executives.

I'm an Ontological Coach, certified in advanced skills. That means I've spent a good chunk of hours learning how to help you figure out what has you stuck, and how you can transform it. 

I work fluently in English and Spanish and with companies in different countries. And with executives from all over the world.

I also have postgraduate studies in human resources from the Universidad Catolica in Chile. And I've been working with executives for +20 years.

I'm a bilingual executive coach & American-Chilean


Sometimes you need to slow down to recognize your true path.

I Love

I Don't Love

Eggplant lasagna, araucarias (ancient trees that hold so much wisdom), going for walks, dancing while I cook, diversity, travelling.

Diets, arrogance, gossip, being in line, anything extreme.

As we get to know ourselves better, we live more authentic careers and lives. And are so much happier.

Also, as you get to know yourself completely (body, emotions, reason and energy), it's easier to not only love yourself more, but also love others,

My holistic coaching process supports you to learn and attain what your are needing so you can truly integrate it in your life.

I believe that it all starts with self-knowledge.